Wednesday, March 5, 2008

He's Not the Messiah

By now everyone who does or doesn't care knows that Bret Favre has retired from the NFL....or more specifically, from the Green Bay Packers. This announcement was made yesterday morning. Central Wisconsin news stations ran, reran, reran the reruns of BF for hours. I do admit it was interesting to watch him age on screen....going from the down South hick to the saavy player he was/is/has been.

But enough already. He is/was a football player -- a $10 million a year quarterback. I knew this was all going to be over the top when a fan visiting Lambeau Field was interviewed after the announcement. The man stated, "Bret Favre is a messiah and Lambeau Field is hallowed ground. Now the messiah is gone." Uh, sorry to repeat an overused cliche but GET A LIFE!!!! We make fun of Trekkies who run around at Star Trek conventions dressed as their favorite character but find it totally acceptable when people gather round in their Packer-wear, complete with cheeseheads. I'm not even a religious person and find it obnoxious to refer to BF as the messiah!

The game will go on people. The green and gold will win some and lose some. Aaron Rogers will be the scapegoat whose mistakes will allow you to reverently breathe the sacred name of Bret Favre and to pray to him for miracles.

Apparantly Governor Doyle has commented on the retirement, and I'm waiting for him to agree to fly the flags at half mast. It will only be a matter of time before President Bush weighs in on it all.


donnie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your post. I was so thinking the same thing. I absolutley adored the part of comparing packer fans to trekkies. I saw a family in FL named their twins Brett and Farve today. There is also a sign on the marquee in NL McDonals thanking BF for the 17 years... as if BF goes to NL Mickie D's... good grief.

aelawton said...

here here! i was things the same exact thing yesterday. i was like "huh. well, anyway.., how bout that war in iraq?" there are much more imortant things in the world than brett farve. maybe green bay should just get rid of the packers now.

Anonymous said...

I repeat: who is Brett Farve? Ok. I know who he is. He's that guy who is really ON or really OFF but who everyone makes excuses for. Yeah, Hol. I agree!