Thursday, March 27, 2008

Drive By Conversation

I had a drive by conversation today. (These are unplanned conversations with people you don't know and probably won't see again.) I was at Archiver's and was printing pictures after taking a scrapebook class. The conversation began when a late 60-ish woman (Bonnie) asked if I was using a memory card to print the photos. The pictures I was printing were from Joshua Tree which led the conversation to her being from Arizona but looking to move to the UP. She grew up in the Chicago area and has lived in New York (didn't like it), Virginia (was okay), and California (loved it). She and her husband have become disenchanted with Arizona and want out. Bonnie and her sister are going to open a stamp/scrapbooking store in the UP. She was such a fun person and I hope I remember to drive up to Quinnesec to see this store!

Drive by conversations are refreshing, fun, and educational. A person connects with you for a short snapshot of time, you learn something about them but there is no commitment for an indepth relationship. No demands, expectations, no obligations. But you remember the person and the conversation and that it you enjoyed the time with that person.

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