Thursday, January 10, 2008

Save Me

I am in a serious snit today about the Presidential campaign. Last night I let myself get involved in a political discussion with 4 conservatives and me. I am not going to be very nice here so if you are looking for “fair and balanced” you won’t find it today. (Of course, most conservatives couldn’t find it on FOX news if it hit them in the head)

The subject of Barack Obama arose when it was mentioned that he doesn’t support the Constitution because he won’t put his hand to his heart when saying the Pledge of Allegiance and that he isn’t a Christian. I had heard nothing on either of these topics and I read what I can get my hands on about candidates. So, I found a Christian Science Monitor article about his religion and turns out he belongs to the United Church of Christ. I personally don’t care. I didn’t pursue the Pledge of Allegiance issue because I REALLY don’t care about it. I don’t always put my hand on my heart (and never do when the Star Spangled Banner is played….when did that trend start?) and frankly am not enamored with the entire pledge saying.

Well, Bush got glorified last night….no President could do better than him after 9/11; he does fine as a speaker; no Republican candidate is better than him; Iraq broke a treaty on nuclear arms so we had to invade them. (The analogy of a broken contract was used --- if I had a contract with someone and they broke it I would take them to court. We had a treaty/contract with Iraq and since we can't take them to court we needed to invade them. Wouldn't that mean I could invade someone's home or business if they broke a contract with me? Can anyone say bully?) I don’t know in what United States of America these people live but must be in a universe other than mine. If a person is going to read “news” online than he/she needs to make sure the source is reliable. Does “discerning reader” mean anything anymore?

What is interesting is that every one of those conservatives has not benefited from the Republican Party. They are being oppressed by the economy and struggle with health care costs. Gas prices are affecting two of them. But, hey, their party will guarantee them gun ownership and a pro-life stance. Plus, their party has gotten the country in horrible debt that their children will have to chip away at while they themselves are in a nursing home wondering why they have no retirement funds.

I was disappointed in myself for getting into the discussion. When will I learn it just isn’t worth it. Is it a wonder I surround myself with like minded people --- as in those who search out reliable information and read more than what is platter fed to them. I say it in jest but gads, there are some days I believe a voter readiness test should be mandatory.

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