Sunday, October 14, 2007

Country Rap

My man done left,
He took the dog,
They rode off on his Harley Hog.
He’s left, he’s gone, and I wanna cry,
I’m so so sad, I’m burnin’ mad,
But deep inside I'm sorta glad.

I loved him long, loved him true,
But he trashed my heart,
He left me blue.

Drinkin’ wine coolers at the bar,
Into the night, to the bitter end.
I trashed him with my bestest friends,
Nasty and mean were his ways,
Sucking beer was how he spent his days.

I loved him long, loved him true
But he trashed my heart
He left me blue.

Now I’m happy he has gone,
Adios to his sorry butt,
So long to his gol’ darn mutt.
I found his rifle, I practiced my shot
And if I ever see his sorry ass,
I’m takin’ aim and givin’ it a blast!

This song should be said/sung with a rapper's attitude. The song is better enhanced if the singer wears low slung jeans, cowboy boots, a wife beater shirt and chains and necklaces crusted in bling. It just seems to me the combination of country and rap a natural new music genre.

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